Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant & Deodorant Review

Most deodorants work well for people who sweat a normal amount, but excessive sweaters know how hard it is to find a good antiperspirant that works all day. The condition is known as hyperhidrosis or sweating profusely for no physical reason, and it affects more than 7 million Americans across the country.

Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant is an antiperspirant that is designed to stop hyperhidrosis in its tracks. Here’s a quick review of Maxim antiperspirant & deodorant from someone who has suffered from excessive sweating all her life.

Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant scent overview:

  • Unscented
  • A small amount is enough
  • Suitable both for men and women

What We Like About Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant

Lasting Time: 24 hours
Deodorant: Yes
Antiperspirant: Yes
Invisible: Yes

Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant has no scent, so you don’t have to worry about applying a smell that you might not like. It’s also not a product that you put on every morning like you would a traditional deodorant. Instead, the product instructions encourage you to apply it to your pits and any other area that gets excessively sweaty at night, before you go to bed.

It comes in the standard roll-on deodorant packaging with a ball at the top to dispense the clear liquid. While you might be tempted to slather it all over your body because of past products oriented towards heavy sweaters, you only need a small bit of Maxim each night before bed.

Odorless application
Apply once at bed-time and stay dry the next day
Can be used with scented deodorant
Easy roll-on applicator
Only have to use a few times a week
Sensitive skin users may experience itchiness, usually goes away after 20 minutes or so
Not eligible for Amazon Prime, so no free shipping

Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant Packs

We were thrilled to find out this great product comes in bulk packs, too. Amazon sells a four-pack of Maxim that costs the same as the cost of three single purchases of this deodorant, so you save money by buying the four-pack.

There’s also a four-pack of Maxim Sensitive, which targets people who have experienced itchiness while using Maxim. Some experienced a little light burning after application of the product that went away as they slept, but other sensitive skin users have reported experiencing a rash after prolonged use.

Keep in mind that this product is not intended to be applied every night, but only two to three times a week.


If you’ve tried Maxim and found it’s not a product that works for you, here are a few other products we’ve tried. Many of these products worked with varying degrees of success. Some of them worked well for a week or two and then it seems that some bodies develop an immunity to them. If you’re experiencing that problem, read on to see if you’ve tried any of these alternatives.

If you like Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant, you might like:

  • ZeroSweat Antiperspirant – It’s a bit more expensive than Maxim, but doesn’t have as many reports of sensitive skin issues for people.

  • SweatBlock Antiperspirant – Still more expensive than Maxim and ZeroSweat, but Amazon offers Subscribe & Save option for this one.

  • Maxim Sensitive Antiperspirant – For people who have experienced itchiness and burning with regular Maxim, this formula addresses the problem with all the same sweat blocking power.

If you don’t like Maxim Prescription Strength antiperspirant & deodorant, consider:

  • Duradry 3-Step Protection System – Plenty of people hate the roll-on method that Maxim uses. For those people, try this three-step protection method that works like standard antiperspirant combined with a face wash and a gel you apply at night.

  • Certain Dri Antiperspirant – If Maxim is too expensive for your budget, you can try Certain Dri which offers up to 72 hours of protection instead of seven days. Amazon also offers a Subscribe & Save option for this product, making it even cheaper if you use that service.

  • Vanicream Antiperspirant – If you absolutely hate the roll-on application of Maxim and the other antiperspirants on this list, then give Vanicream a try. It applies like a traditional deodorant under the arm and gives you 24-hour sweat-free protection. It’s not as long-lasting as Maxim, but you won’t have to deal with the roll-on application.


We tried plenty of products on my quest not to sweat while at work, all with varying degrees of success. Maxim is the only product that has held up well over time. Plus, it continues to help me combat sweatiness on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re like us and experience excessive sweatiness all day, what products have you tried that work for you? Let us know in the comments, as we’re always eager to hear from other people who have hyperhidrosis and have them share their quest to find the best solution to manage the condition.

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