Sky Organics Deodorant Review

When it comes to selecting the perfect deodorant, Sky Organics is top on the list. These deodorants are some of the most affordable all-natural deodorants on the market today. Surely you are wondering what exactly makes this product stand out above the competition. This article will highlight the features of this deodorant, what makes it stand out, and how it is best used.

Sky Organics Deodorant scent overview:

  • Unscented
  • Blocks body odor
  • Not overwhelming
  • Perfect scent for men and women

What We Like about Sky Organics Deodorant

Lasting time: 24 hours
Deodorant: yes
Antiperspirant: yes
Invisible: no

This deodorant by Sky Organics is perfect for men and women alike. It provides odor-blocking protection that lasts up to 24 hours after a single application. This product is specially formulated for individuals with sensitive skin. It includes all natural ingredients that effectively nourish your skin without causing any severe allergic reactions.

Another excellent feature of Sky Organics products is that the deodorant not only works to mask the odor, but it is an antiperspirant as well. This is a unique characteristic for an all-natural product as most do not provide sweat control for users.

This deodorant effectively provides 24-hour odor protection, even under the sweatiest conditions
This product is both USDA certified as being organic and vegan
This product is handmade by a company that seems to truly care about its customers and their experiences
Some users feel this deodorant is messy when applying and wearing
Some individuals find applying this deodorant is extremely difficult and compare it to sandpaper due to its gritty texture
This deodorant does not go on clean and it can leave marks on clothing
Sky Organics Deodorant Packs and Varieties to Buy

When it comes to purchasing Sky Organics, there are three different options to choose from. Sky Organics comes in a version for her, a version for him, and a version for him & her.

The version for “her” has a lavender vanilla scent. This scent is soft and pleasant, providing lasting odor protection.

The version for “him” is scented with cedarwood musk. This scent is strong but not overpowering when worn.

The “him and her” version of this deodorant is fragrance-free.

Each variety option comes with two sticks of deodorant. Unfortunately, the combinations cannot be mixed and matched.


If you like Sky Organics Deodorant, you might like:

1. Woohoo Sensitive Skin Deodorant

This vegan deodorant is fragrance-free and free of harsh and harmful chemicals. This product is not tested on animals and is stored in a 100% recyclable container. Woohoo works to providing daylong protection for users under even the most extreme sweat conditions. This product works well to prevent odor due to its exceptional odor busting ingredients. Woohoo goes on clear, controls wetness, and absorbs moisture to keep users feeling fresh and dry.

2. Organic Island Deodorant

This product is completely natural and contains no added fragrances. This product is a rich blend of coconut oil, candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil, probiotics, and other natural ingredients. This aluminum-free product has excellent odor control and is a perfect option for children and adults.

3. Underarmed Deodorant Stick

Underarmed is an organic product that is made with specialized ingredients that detox the body and help nourish the skin during every application. This product works well as a transition from non-organic deodorants as it helps reverse damage to underarms caused by chemicals. The subtle scent of this product works exceptionally well at blocking odor all day long. this product underwent over two years of human testing, using their input to craft the perfect product users love. This product does not clog underarm pores and goes on clear and invisible.

If you don’t like Sky Organics Deodorant, consider:

1. ZeroSweat Antiperspirant

This deodorant is extremely economical and can last up to seven days per application. This deodorant goes on clean and clear and works well to keep users dry. This is not an all-natural deodorant, but it is extremely effective for helping individuals with sweat conditions keep their armpits in check longer.

2. Lemongrass Magnesium Deodorant

This deodorant by MagSol Organics does not contain any baking soda or aluminum and it is alcohol and cruelty-free. This product contains all natural ingredients that are safe and effective for all day protection. The lemongrass scent is calm and refreshing. This deodorant goes on smooth and easy and helps to nourish the skin and reduce stress during every application.

3. Organic Charcoal Deodorant

If you are looking for an all-organic deodorant option that is quite different from Sky Organics, this is the product for you. This deodorant is vegan, certified organic, and has charcoal that works to keep your skin refreshed and nourished all day long. This deodorant provides up to 24-hours of protection against odor and wetness in both men and women and is an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin.


Overall, Sky Organics Deodorant is an exceptional choice for individuals with sensitive skin and those who desire a reliable all-natural option for deodorant. This product is dairy, gluten, soy, BPA, paraben, and sulfate free! Its inclusion of carnauba wax sets it apart from many other brands by making it an effective option for both men and women. This product contains all-natural USDA certified organic ingredients that leave your skin feeling refreshed all day long. Have you ever used Sky Organics products before? What did you like and dislike about this product? Would you recommend it to others? Please feel free to share your experience!

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